1. Registration and Login

Create an account with Transkribus and log in to the platform to start working with it

1. Registration

Before accessing Transkribus, you need to register a free Transkribus account. Sign up for free and verify your email address by clicking the link you will receive via email shortly after.

If you already have a Transkribus account, you can just go to the next step.

2. Login

Log in to Transkribus using the email address and the password chosen during the registration process. After logging in, you are automatically directed to the Transkribus Workdesk.

3. User Interface Overview

The User Interface Overview file explains in detail all the sections and icons of the Transkribus Interface. In brief, the interface can be divided into the following sections:

  • Workdesk: the homepage where to manage the collections and the documents and launch the automatic text recognition tasks;
  • Training: the page where to train your AI text and baselines models;
  • Transkribus editor: image and text side by side to side; use this editor to modify the layout structure and to transcribe the text.
    The Configuration button in the bottom right corner allows you to:
    • modify the text font;
    • automatically centre the selected line in the image;
    • show/hide region and line numbers;
    • change the viewing settings of the layout: in particular, you can customise the size, colour and transparency of the lines and scale the circle size.

To learn the function of all the interface components, consult the User Interface Overview file.